Best Practice Guidelines

Describes what we expect from new code. Also includes special tips to help you getting started!

General rules

  • When adding new dependencies, we use fixed versions.

  • Don't commit package-lock.json if you're not making any changes to the libraries.

  • If the issue you're working on requires changes in both API and Frontend, give your Git branches the same name. CI will automatically pull the correct API's branch when testing the Frontend.

  • We love screenshots - or better: screencasts. Include some in your pull requests to demonstrate your changes and you will have our eternal gratitude.

Frontend rules

  • I18n

    • The strings must be internationalized. See /help/developers/translations.

    • Update the language files npm run build:langs and commit them to reflect the changes.

  • Libraries

    • Whenever it's possible, we must use styled-components to write styles. See OC Styleguide.

    • We're getting rid of material-ui. We still rely on this library for some stuff but please don't use it directly.

    • Icons must be imported from the styled-icons library.

  • Testing

    • Tests written with Cypress must follow our good practices conventions.

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