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With the implementation of the new Dashboard interface, we are currently in the process of updating our documentation and some pages may be out of date. Thank you for your patience. Please contact our support team if you need any assistance.

There are multiple ways to export your collectives data. Download your contributor data, Transactions information and delve into your export settings.

Contributor Information

Navigate to your collective's Dashboard -> Contributors.

Click on the Export CSV button in top right hand corner.

The CSV export contains:

  • Contributor Profile URL

  • Contributor Name

  • Contributor Type (Individual or Company)

  • Total Amount Contributed

  • Currency

  • Active Recurring Contribution

  • Recurring Contribution Tier

  • Recurring Contribution Amount

  • Recurring Contribution Frequency

  • First Contribution Date

  • Latest Contribution Date

  • Email

  • Website

Exporting Transactions

Head to the budget section on your collective page. Click the Transactions tab

2. Click View all Transactions

3. Apply any filters to the CSV export.

For example select expenses in the Kind type to export a CSV with your expense information.

4. Download CSV on the right

Export Settings

Navigate to your collective's dashboard -> Settings -> Export.

On this page, you can export your data into:

  • Contributor data CSV Export

  • JSON Export

  • Widgets

  • Badges

  • Contributors images

Export Contributors CSV

Download a file of all of your contributors, with these fields:

  • Member ID

  • Date Created

  • User Type (User or Organisation)

  • Role (Admin, Host, Backer, Follower)

  • Tier

  • Active Recurring Contribution

  • Total Amount Donated

  • Currency

  • Lastest Transaction Date

  • Lastest Transaction Amount

  • User Profile URL

  • Name

  • Company

  • Description

  • Image

  • Email

  • Newsletter Opt in

  • Twitter

  • Github

  • Website

Export JSON

Export your data to integrate with other applications.


  • All members (contributors of all types)

  • Only users (individuals)

  • Only organizations


  • limit: number of members to return

  • offset: number of members to skip (for paging)

  • TierId: only return the members that belong to this TierId. You can find the TierId as part of the URL after selecting a tier on your collective pag


Export an HTML script to use on your website, showing your financial contributors.

Export images


Create an SVG showing the number of financial contributors of your Collective. By updating the text in the URL, you can change the label and color.



Contributor image

Create an SVG showing the icons of your financial contributors.

There are a range of options:





width of the image


height of the image


max number of members to show



max height of each avatar / logo


show "become a backer/sponsor" button



format of the image (replace .svg with .png or .jpg)


<object type="image/svg+xml" data=""></object>


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