Guest contributions
If you wish to stay anonymous for a specific contribution or don't want to create an Open Collective account, you can use guest contributions to make one time contributions to a Collective.
Recurring donations require an Open Collective account.
    If you have an Open Collective account, make sure you are not logged in.
    Go to the Collective's page and choose a form of contribution.
In this example, our Metadocumentation Collective offers three ways to make a contribution: a custom one, that could be either a one time donation or a recurring one; a monthly, pre-defined contribution; and a sponsor tier, that starts at $100 USD.
3. In Contribution details, make sure you choose One time and the amount you want to contribute.
One time $20 contribution to Metadocumentation
4. In the Profile section, you'll be given an option to make a donation as guest or logged in your account. As a guest, disclosing your name is optional, but you need to provide an email address.
Contributing as a guest: your name is optional, but you need to provide an email address
5. In Payment info, choose your preferred payment method and finish your contribution. You will receive a receipt for your donation soon after.
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