Open Collective Inc has a small, fully remote team with members around the world. You're welcome to reach out to us on our open Slack or on social media.

Pia Mancini

Co-founder & CEO Madrid, Spain

François Hodierne

CTO Berlin, Germany

Alanna Irving

COO Wellington, New Zealand

Benjamin Nickolls

CPO Shropshire, United Kingdom

Benjamin Piouffle

Software Engineer La Ciotat, France

Leo Kewitz

Software Engineer Florianopolis, Brazil

Guillermo Esparza

Designer Guadalajara, Mexico

Alina Manko

Operations Support and Financial Admin Wellington, New Zealand

Amina Kazi

Designer Navi Mumbai, India

Caroline Woolard

Research & Partnerships - Open Collective Foundation
Berlin, Germany

Shannon Wray

Documentation and Marketing Remote, New Zealand


Admin Support - Open Collective Foundation United States

Sudharaka Palamakumbura

Software Designer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Nathan Hewitt

Open Collective Foundation New York, United States

Ronen Hirsch

Product Manager, Open Source Collective Mociu, Romania


Xavier Damman
Original founder Brussels, Belgium

Team Map

This map shows the diversity of our team and the truly global approach it takes to bring you Open Collective.
Our team is distributed between Auckland, Brussels, Berlin, Edinburgh, Florianopolis, Guadalajara, La Ciotat, New York, Madrid, Paris, Shropshire, Navi Mumbai, Vancouver and Wellington.
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, French and German are just some of the languages spoken by our team.
Click here to view the interactive map.