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To get help generating an integration like this or this, follow these steps:

  1. Install Macdown to make it easy to compare PRs in the last step

  2. Install opencollective-setup

    $ npm install -g opencollective-setup
  3. Get a personal token from GitHub's token page. Check all the repo related permissions.

  4. Create a file in your home directory (on Mac OS X or Linux) called .opencollective.json and add token in it:

    { "github_token": "[YOUR_TOKEN]" }
  5. Run cli for a given repo:

    $ opencollective-setup setup -r [repo_owner/repo_name] -i

    Ex: To integrate with MochaJS (, run:

    opencollective-setup -r mochajs/mocha -i

    -i makes it interactive.

  6. Answer questions asked by the script - usually defaults are good to go with. Verify that the slug of the project is the same as the one in the database (script guesses at it and is usually right).

  7. Script attempts to do several integrations across, and The most important ones are the two integrations on backers and sponsor badges at the top and adding backer/sponsor section near the bottom.

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