The future of the Open Collective API is our public GraphQL API. You can check the documentation on https://graphql-docs-v2.opencollective.com.

Learn more about it here: https://medium.com/open-collective/open-collective-graphql-api-preview-3b42ed1d55ff


Our REST API is still supported but we're not working on it anymore.

  • Members

    • Get list of members

  • Collectives

    • Get collective info

    • Get members

    • Get members per tier

    • Get transactions from collective

PDF Service

The PDF service supports passing either a Personal-Token (for personal tokens) or an Authorization header (for OAuth).

Getting the receipt for a contribution

GET https://pdf.opencollective.com/receipts/transactions/:transactionUUID/receipt.pdf

Getting the PDF for an Invoice Expense

GET https://pdf.opencollective.com/expense/:expenseUUID/invoice.pdf

Getting a bundled receipt for a fiscal host/period

GET https://pdf.opencollective.com/receipts/collectives/:fromCollective/:host/:fromDate/:toDate/receipt.pdf

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