Setting up a Collective is free, but fees may apply to accept and pay out money.

Current pricing terminology


Platform Tip

Voluntary donation to Open Collective

Financial contributors see the tip option at checkout

Host Fee

Fee charged by Fiscal Hosts to Collectives for their hosting services

Varies depending on the Fiscal Host (commonly 0%-10%)

Platform Share

Host Fee revenue shared with Open Collective

15% of Host Fees charged by Fiscal Hosts goes to the platform


Platform Share and Platform Tip amounts due to be paid

Seen in Host reports and data exports

Want to see a detailed tour of how money flows on Open Collective?

Previous pricing terminology

We iterated the pricing model a few times before settling on what we think is the best method. We're still updating terms in a few places, so for clarity these are defined here in case you encounter them.

TermReplaced by

Platform Fee

Platform Share

Host Fee Share

Platform Share

Shared Revenue

Platform Share



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