Add Fiscal Host

Options for Fiscal Hosting

In order to raise and spend money, you'll need a bank account associated with your Collective.
You can:
  1. 1.
    Join a Fiscal Host, who will take care of things like accounting, banking, liability, and payments (most Collectives choose this option), or
  2. 2.
    Plug in your own bank account as an Independent Collective, or
  3. 3.
    Create your own Fiscal Host to hold funds for multiple Collectives under the umbrella of your own legal entity.

How to add a Fiscal Host

There are different hosts that serve different missions, interest areas, and geographic. See them all here.
Click on the apply button on any host page, and if your project fits their criteria, they will approve it. (The apply button can sometimes be nestled under the actions button).
If you are an open-source project with at least 100 stars on GitHub (or equivalent other websites), you can apply to create your Collective under the umbrella of the Open Source Collective fiscal host.
To see your Fiscal Host options, go to your Collective Page, click on the settings button and head to the Fiscal Host page.
  • No one: No bank account or Host connected, not able to receive and spend money.
  • Ourselves: Use your personal or company bank account to hold funds for a single Collective.
  • Our Organization: Run your own Fiscal Host that holds money for multiple Collectives.
  • Apply to a Fiscal Host: Join a Host that provides this service to Collectives like you.
Last modified 3mo ago