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What is an Organization?

An Organization is a profile that represents a company or entity instead of an individual. Companies that become Financial Contributors, as well as legal entities that are Fiscal Hosts, are Organizations on Open Collective.

Why Create an Organization?

  • Have your company show up as a Financial Contributor to Collectives

  • Enable your employees to support Collectives on behalf of your company

  • Make bulk transfers so you can send money once and distribute it to Collectives as you wish

  • Become a Fiscal Host (read more)

How to Create an Organization

If you already have an individual profile

Go to your profile menu (top right) and look for the My Organizations section. Click "+".

Once set up, you will be able to select your individual or organization profile when making a contribution.

If you don't have an individual profile yet

Go through the process of contributing to a Collective, and you'll be able to create both the individual and organization profile during checkout.

How to Edit an Organization

From your user menu

Use the cog icon next to the organization that you want to edit.

From there you can change your Info, add or remove Team members, create or edit your Expenses Policy, manage your Payment Methods, Gift Cards, Connected Accounts, Webhooks and to access Advanced settings.

Don't forget to save your changes!

How to access an Organization's contributions

To access your Organization's contributions, go to the Organization's page and click on Manage Contributions in the navigation bar menu. From there you can access the action options to update amount or payment method, or cancel the contribution.

Sometimes, the Manage contributions button can be nested inside the Actions menu

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