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<script src="https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/:verb/button.js" color="[white|blue]"></script>
Just replace :collectiveSlug with the slug of your Collective (e.g. webpack for https://opencollective.com/webpack). The verb can either be "donate" or "contribute".
If you want to add a donate button to a blog post, you can load an image version of the logo and then link to the donate page of your collective.
<a href="https://opencollective.com/webpack/donate" target="_blank">
<img src="https://opencollective.com/webpack/donate/[email protected]?color=blue" width=300 />
Here is an example.

Use this script:
<script src="https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/banner.js"></script>
where :collectiveSlug is the slug of your collective, e.g. apex for https://opencollective.com/apex.
You can also add a style object (react style), e.g.
<script src='https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/banner.js?style={"a":{"color":"red"},"h2":{"fontFamily":"Verdana","fontWeight":"normal","fontSize":"20px"}}'></script>
Note: make sure that your style object is parsable with JSON.stringify
How to customize?
By default, it uses the default styling of your h1 and h2 on your page. You can target them with CSS to customize:
#opencollective-banner h1 {
color: black;

<script src="https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/events.js" width="500"></script>
The designs of the buttons are licensed by Open Collective under a Creative Commons Attribution–Share-Alike 4.0 Unported license (“CC-BY-SA”). . . . Open Collective, the Open Collective Logo, are trademarks of Open Collective, Inc. and therefore they can’t be modified or used individually, for more info or request reach out to [email protected]

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