Exporting Transactions

From your transactions you can export a CSV file that can be used to further process transactions for your reporting and accounting needs.

To download a CSV of your transactions click on the 'export CSV' button in the top right hand corner.

If you have applied any filters on the transactions page these will be applied to the export set. At the bottom left corner of the export screen you will see a confirmation of the number of transactions included in that set.

You then have an option to decide which fields you would like to export. The “Platform Default” export is a selection of fields created to answer typical reporting and accounting needs. So it may be a good starting point. If it is, simply click “Export CSV” and your export file will begin to download.

Platform Legacy Export (pre 2024) At the beginning of 2024 we made some changes to the ledger that effect the transaction export. This included a shift from representing payment processor fees as fields of transactions to representing them as separate transactions.If you require backwards compatibility with the exports that were generated before we introduced these changes:

  1. Select the export set “Legacy Platform Export (Pre-2024)”

  2. Make sure that the option “Export taxes and payment processor fees as columns” is turned on.

New Preset

You can further customize the export set by selecting which fields will be exported and in what order. For this select “New Preset.”

Presets are shared within your organization so when defining a New Preset, ensure you give it a meaningful name so that your fellow admins will be able to recognize and utilize it.

Select your desired fields in the 'Available fields' section.

Reorder your selected fields in the 'Selected fields for export' section.

You are also able to clear the selection to start your preset from scratch

Save and Export your Preset

You have the option to save the preset, this will make it available to all admins of your Collective/Fiscal Host.

Export a Sample to test the data set before committing and downloading the full CSV via Export CSV.

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