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Convincing 'the powers that be' in companies to sustainably support open source is not easy. We acknowledge that there are many heroes inside companies who are fighting that, and we want to support them. This is an open toolkit for sustainers making the case for their companies to support their open source stack.


Email Template

Explain the benefits of financial contribution

This is an email that Vincent Voyer and Josh Dzielak from Algolia used to start a conversation internally about supporting Open Source. They kindly agreed to share it. <3

Google Form Template


From Maintainers

Please keep adding them <3
Thanks @opencollect for providing this great service! @fbOpenSource Thanks for all your contributions to OSS 🙌— (@_jscoach) November 14, 2017
💸Small yet significant step in the #mobx community. Today I could paid contributor for a significant contribution to MST from our @opencollect!
👏 Tnx to @coinbase @algolia @fbOpenSource & all other sponsors!
🎉It works even when you're not @webpack— Michel Weststrate (@mweststrate) July 16, 2018
The tooling for open source projects is so good these days!
@github - code
@opencollect - funding
@withspectrum - community
@zeithq - deployment & domains
Seriously amazing! 🙏— Devon Govett (@devongovett) July 9, 2018
Flights and hotel booked! That means I'm ready for @vue_london
Really looking forward to meet all these nice people and especially I'm very happy to meet @Atinux and @_achopin for the first time.
Thanks a million to @nuxt_js, who sponsored the ticket through @opencollect 🙏— Alexander Lichter (@TheAlexLichter) September 10, 2018
This is why we use @opencollect :-). FT Maintainers (non-single-co backed) + Contributor Pool.— SEAN LARKIN 廖肖恩 (@TheLarkInn) September 20, 2018
Depends on your budget. We're around $10k/y, and we pay out ~5-10% of avail. budget for each large contribution, and small token payments for fixed issues. Federated/open ownership of the books is why we are happy with @opencollect.— Goose (@RickCasey) December 20, 2017
Sponsoring a project is deeper then money, but partnerships working together for common good. #FOSS #JavaScript— SEAN LARKIN 廖肖恩 (@TheLarkInn) October 13, 2017
We strongly believe that someday we could fully focus on #opensource to make @nodejs world better 🚀🔥 @opencollect
👍 enjoy using @nestframework? 🙌 ask your company to support us: 🎁— NestJS (@nestframework) April 25, 2018
Discover the @nuxt_js Cheat Sheet made with @VueMastery our new official @opencollect partner! 🙌— Alexandre Chopin (@IamNuxt) October 19, 2018
Woohoo we've just hit 500 followers! Thanks @NEON_UK for being our 500th! (& Extra special thanks to all our @opencollect contributors: we've now got an annual budget of over £1000/year! ☺️) Still a long way to go to #ChangeTheMedia & create #BetterMedia but 2 good milestones!— Better Media (@bettermediauk) October 1, 2018
.@digitalocean is backing @GoReleaser on @opencollect! They have super cheap machines and you can get $10 worth of credit through this link:— (@caarlos0) October 1, 2018

From Organizations

Today we take our next step in open source sustainability: @AirbnbEng is donating $50,000 to open source projects via @opencollect! ✨🌟✨🌟✨— Joe Lencioni (@lencioni) April 20, 2018

The case for 'Good for hiring'

Read Trivago's quotes here

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Open EMR



An easy way to surface your organization's dependencies and detect which ones are seeking funding.