What's the status of your company?

We are an American based C corp registered in Delaware. We also have created other separate entities to act as Fiscal Hosts,

Where are you based?

Our team works remotely around the world. Learn more about who works for Open Collective on our Team page.

When did you start?

Xavier Damman created the company in May 2015 and raised a first round of $500k in October 2015. Pia Mancini and Aseem Sood joined as cofounders in January 2016 (Aseem left the company in April 2018). Pia became CEO in April 2018.

Can I see your company budget?

We run our company via multiple Open Collectives ourselves. You can also see the Collective for the Open Source Collective.

How much investment have you raised?

We try to be very transparent about our own finances. We raised a total of $2,815,000 so far ($815k on convertible notes in 2015-2016, $2M Series Seed in June 2017).

How do I get in touch with you?

Contact us or join our Slack.

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