Procedure and documentation about how to contribute to the Open Collective translations

We use Crowdin to manage all our translations. You can join and contribute on:

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Adding a new language

To ask for a language to be added on Crowdin, feel free to open a discussion. We always accept these requests, but please note that inactive languages will often be removed if there's no contribution.



Words between brackets are variables that meant to be replaced by dynamic values.

For example the string:

Hello {collectiveName}!

Will render as Hello Webpack! if the collective name is Webpack. You must never change the variable names.


select is a special command that lets us render different texts conditionally. The base pattern is:

{myVariable, select, value1 {Rendered if myVariable=value1} other {Otherwise this}}

A classic example for that is the interval select:

{amount} {interval, select, month {monthly} year {yearly}}

Here interval is the variable with month and year as possible values. If amount is equal to $5 and interval to year, the template above will be rendered to:

$5 yearly

Here again, don't change the variable name or the select keyword, only the replaced strings (monthly and yearly if we take the example above).


We love to support community contributions to Open Collective in all kinds of ways, including translation! You can get paid for helping out. Please follow this process:

  1. Email us to let us know you're interested in working on translation for a bounty, and let us know which language.

  2. Once we approve your request, translate the content on Crowdin as described above.

  3. Email us again when you've reached 100%.

  4. We will ask another speaker of your language to check your translation.

  5. If it all looks good, submit an expense for up to $200 to the Comms & Docs Collective (you can decide to claim the full amount, or less, depending on how much time you spent).

  6. We will pay you!

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