Gift Cards

Open Collective gift cards empower your employees or community members to support the open source projects they love.

See our dedicated Gift Cards page for an introduction to gift cards.


How do I use the gift cards?

To use a gift card, you first have to activate it on your account from Redeem Gift Card. Then go to make a contribution, and select your gift card when asked for payment. Note: Some gift cards might be limited to specific fiscal hosts or project types (e.g., open source).

What happens if the gift cards are not used?

You are only charged when the gift cards are used. If you give away a $50 gift card to 10 of your employees and only 8 used it, you will only be charged $400.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, you will receive a proper consolidated monthly invoice from the Fiscal Host.

Is there an expiry date?

By default gift cards expire after one year, but you can define your own expiry date. If they are not used by the expiry date, they become inactive and you will not be charged.

I received a gift card—do I need to spend it all in one go?

No. You can use your gift card to give any amount to one or multiple collectives, as long as you have enough balance on the card.

Who will show up as a contributor? My company or my employee?

Both! The person to whom you gave the gift card is the one picking the collectives they want to support. But their donation will show that they used a gift card from your company, and your company will show up as a sponsor of the collective. See for example Triplebyte showing up as a sponsor of Electron.

What kind of payment methods can I use?

The simplest option is to use a credit card, as you can set it up by yourself in a few minutes. This works great for small companies and limited usage (2-10 gift cards) but if you're willing to process a large number of transactions we strongly recommend using a prepaid budget instead to avoid credit card processor fees and to limit the number of transactions that will appear on your bank account.

Note: Each gift card charge will create a credit card transaction and currently we don't charge the full amount up-front.

Create gift cards

To create Gift Cards for your Organization, go to Edit Organization and then Gift Cards. From there you'll also be able to see your pending and redeemed gift cards.

We currently offer three options for gift cards distribution.

1. By email - Fast & Easy, but no customization possible

You can give us a list of emails and we'll send the gift cards out, or you can generate gift card codes and send them out yourself.

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3. Download a PDF with printable gift cards - To distribute at events

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