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A discussion forum for your Collective


Conversations are a discussion forum for your Collective. They are public threads that everyone can read and participate to. Use them to get feedback from your community or to organize your actions!

Enabling or disabling conversations

Conversations are enabled by default for new Collectives. If you want to enable conversations for an old Collective or an organization, go to Collective settings > Conversations.


As a collective admin, you can delete any comment submitted in a conversation.
You can also delete a conversation by deleting its root comment:


  • Who can see conversations?
All conversations are public. Anyone can see them and respond to them.
  • Who is moderating?
The administrators of this collective can remove conversations that are not appropriate for the community. Please be a good citizen of the collective.
  • How can I find out when someone replied?
You will receive an email notification whenever someone replies. You can unsubscribe from those notifications at any time.