Platform Tips

When you make a contribution to a collective, you are also invited to add a platform tip. Who does this tip go to, and what is it spent on?

When contributing financially to a collective, you will also be asked if you want to add a platform tip. This is optional; the amount can be adjusted as you wish.

What is a platform tip?

A platform tip is a financial contribution that is added to the contribution you are making to a particular collective.

By adding a platform tip, you’re helping us to keep the Open Collective platform running smoothly and enabling us to add new features.

Where is my platform tip going?

When you add a platform tip to your total, you’re giving to the Open Collective platform rather than your fiscal host.

The Open Collective platform remains sustainable thanks to our investors and the platform share fees from fiscal hosts. You can learn more about our pricing here.

However, your optional platform tips also play a huge role in helping us to maintain and improve the platform.

Adding a platform tip

Click on any collective, and access the “contribute” option in the menu. You will then see a range of ways you can support them. Select the applicable option.

You will now be taken to the “contribute to…” page.

Once you have set the level and frequency of your contribution, you can edit your platform tip by adjusting the box below.

There are four ways to set your platform tip total:

  • Keep the platform tip at the default amount

  • Adjust the slider to your chosen total

  • Select your currency, and type in your amount in the box

  • Add a tip which is a percentage of your contribution

Remember to check your total to ensure you are happy with your tip amount. You can change your tip at any point up until you complete your payment.

Giving directly to the platform

If you want to support the platform without contributing to a collective, you can give directly to Open Collective by searching for it in the directory and making a contribution.

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