Creating a Collective

Open Collective allows you to create a transparent funding page for your project in just a few clicks. No need to incorporate, hire a lawyer and accountant, or define organizational roles!
Once you've registered on Open Collective, reveal the dropdown menu by clicking on your username, then click on the + New button under the My Collectives section.
Adding a collective
Then, select the category that best describes your Collective.
'Create a Collective' page showing three categories for Collectives: open source projects, community, and climate initiatives.
If you are not creating an open-source Collective, you will be immediately directed to a Collective creation form, where you will be asked for your Collective name, URL slug of choice, and a brief description of your Collective's activities.
If you are creating a Collective for an open-source project, you will be directed to a verification process to join the Open Source Collective fiscal host. More info about that here.