Updates & Comms

Updates to Financial Contributors

A lot of Collectives like to periodically email their Financial Contributors, to let them know what their donations are enabling, express thanks, or notify everyone of a change.

To create an Update, go to your Collective page, head to the Updates section and click on + Create a new update.

You can also write and publish Updates through email by sending a message to backers@$COLLECTIVE.opencollective.com (in which $COLLECTIVE is the slug of your Collective, which appears in your Collective URL.

Updates will be emailed and appear in the Updates section of your Collective page.

The Updates section of a Collective page after being populated with two posts.

Web interface

We offer a rich editor to write your fantastic updates to your Contributors!

Private updates

You can also write and publish exclusive updates for your Contributors by selecting the box on Private update.

And if you wish, you can set it to become public after a certain date.

Contacting a Collective

Users can contact you via the contact form of your collective. It is linked in your collective page through the Contact button. The forms stands on /{your-collective}/contact. If you don't want to use this feature, please email us at support@opencollective.com and we'll disable it for you.