Updates & Comms


A lot of Collectives like to periodically email their Financial Contributors, to let them know what their donations are enabling, express thanks, or notify everyone of a change. Similarly, hosts often need to contact the administrators of the Collectives they are hosting.
To create an Update, go to your Collective page, head to the Connect section and click on + New update. Updates will be emailed and appear in the Updates section of your Collective page.
We offer a rich editor to write your fantastic updates to your Contributors! Each update requires a Title and content for the Message. You can also write and publish exclusive updates for your Contributors by selecting the box on Private update.
The Updates section of a Collective page after being populated with two posts.
You can also write and publish Updates through email by sending a message to [email protected]$COLLECTIVE.opencollective.com (in which $COLLECTIVE is the slug of your Collective, which appears in your Collective URL).

Contacting a Collective

Users can contact you via the contact form of your collective. It is linked in your collective page through the Contact button. The forms stands on /{your-collective}/contact. If you don't want to use this feature, please contact us and we'll disable it for you.
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