Insights about our moderation policy and actions taken

Open Collective provides some tools to make sure that disrespectful users and abusive contents don't have their place in your community. The moderation is done based on our Community Guidelines.

Especially, these types of contents are never welcome on the website:

  • Spam or unwanted commercial content

  • Abusive or inappropriate language

  • Irrelevant or erroneous content

How to report abusive content

Please send all your reports for spam and abusive content here.

Limited user account

Limiting user's account is currently our main tool to prevent activity from malicious users. We usually limit an account after spotting one or multiple attempts at spamming or doing malicious things.

When you're account is limited you'll be unable to complete any sensitive action on the website, including:

  • Create/edit expenses

  • Make financial contributions

  • Create conversations

If your account gets limited by mistake, you can contact us.

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