Individual Transactions

Transaction Fields


Date & Time

Date/time transaction was created

Effective Date

A date manually entered by an admin in order to record a retroactive off-platform transaction. If no manual date was entered the effective date is the same as the transaction date (from the Date & Time field).

Transaction ID

Unique transaction identifier

Group ID

Transactions that are created together have the same group identifier.


A descriptor that is automatically generated when a transactions is created based on the context in which the transaction was created.

Credit / Debit

Indicates if the transaction is a credit or a debit.

Contribution ID

If the transaction is related to a contribution, this references the contribution (which references the contributor).

Expense ID

if this transaction is related to an expense this references the expense (which references the expense submitter, the collective admin that approved and the fiscal host admin that paid it).

Expense Type

Describes the kind of expense: invoice, reimbursement, virtual card, settlements and grants.


Indicates what kind of transaction it is (see Transaction Kinds)

Is Debt

Indicates “true” for platform transactions that represent a debt (PLATFORM_TIP_DEBT & HOST_FEE_SHARE_DEBT).


The amount of the transaction. Credit transactions have positive values and Debit transactions have negative values.


The currency in which the transaction was recorded. This is typically the currency in which either the collective or fiscal host manage their funds.

Original Currency Amount

If the transaction currency is different from the host currency, this amount will show the value in which the transaction was initiated. This is a string that includes the original value and currency (eg: 1000 SK).

Account ID

The account to which this transaction is attributed.

Opposite Account ID

The other account related to the transaction.

Host Collective ID

If the collective is hosted by a fiscal host, this references the host (at the time the transaction was created).

Is Refunded

If a transaction was refunded then this field indicates “REFUNDED” otherwise it is empty.

Is Refund

If the transaction is a refund then this field indicates “REFUND” otherwise it is empty.

Refund Transaction ID

If the transaction has been refunded, this will have the transaction ID of the related refund transaction.

Payment Processor

The payment processor associated to the transaction (eg: Stripe, Paypal, Wise, Open Collective, Other).

Payment Method

The payment method associated to the transaction (eg: Credit Card, Balance)

Merchant ID

A reference number provided by the payment processor.

Tax Type

If the transaction is or has related tax information, this indicates the type of tax (VAT/GST).

Tax Rate

If the transaction is or has related tax information, this indicates the applied tax rate.

Tax ID Number

If the transaction is or has related tax information, this indicates the related tax identifier.

These additional fields have been deprecated but may still apply to older transaction records:


Transaction GraphQL ID

A unique 32 character transaction identifier. (formerly Long Transaction ID)

Gross Amount

Until and including the year 2023 payment processor fees and taxes were stored as transaction fields. The gross amount is equal to the transaction amount plus the payment processor fees plus the taxes.

Payment Processor Fee

Until the year 2024 payment processor fees were stored as fields of a transaction. Since 2024 they are stored as separate transactions.

Platform Fee

Platform fees were once stored as transaction fields. They are now separate transactions.

Host Fee

Host fees were once stored as transaction fields. They are now separate transactions.

Transaction Kinds

Each transaction is of a single “kind.” The following are the "kinds" of transactions:

Transaction KindDescription


Records a contribution made through the platform.


Records a fee charged by a payment processor.


Funds that have been added to a collective account by a fiscal host.


Records a host fee allocated to the host in relation either a CONTRIBUTION or ADDED_FUNDS


Records a revenue share passed to the platform in relation to either a CONTRIBUTION or ADDED_FUNDS


Records a debt to the platform due to a HOST_FEE_SHARE that has not been transferred to the platform.


Records an expense made through the platform.


Records a platform tip added by a contributor to their contribution.


Records a debt to the platform due to a PLATFORM_TIP that has not been transferred to the platform.


Records payment processor fees that are covered by a fiscal host when a transaction is refunded (the payment processor do not refund the fees related to the original transaction).


Records a fee paid by fiscal host when a contribution is disputed through a payment processor (dispute fees are charged regardless of dispute outcome).


Usually done when emptying balance (Collective to Host, Project or Event to Collective). Or in some cases, moving balance between Fiscal Hosts.


[LEGACY] records a transaction used for implementing gift cards.


[LEGACY] records transactions that date earlier then 2018 that experience migration challenges to later ledger versions.

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