Connect external accounts

You can connect social media accounts to automatically thank new financial contributors

Connecting a Twitter account

Click on Connect Twitter. You will be prompted to either directly authorize Open Collective to access your account or to log in and authorize it.

Connecting your account will provide you a few automation options based on how many financial contributors Collectives you host have reached:

To use a template parameter, put it in brackets like this: {collective}. Here are the parameters supported by each template:



New financial contributors

Twitter Handle of the contributor without the @ prefix (can be empty)



New financial contributors

Contribution amount with the currency



Ten contributors Fifty contributors One hundred contributors

Either the collective name or, if set, the Twitter handle prefixed with an @



Ten contributors

Top 10 contributors names or handles

Facebook, @airbnb, company3, joe, @anotherAccount, anotherAccount2, anotherAccount3, anotherAccount4, anotherAccount5, anotherAccount6, +6

Receiving contributions through PayPal

This feature is currently in beta, meaning it's still being tested. To turn on PayPal contributions, email support.


Payment processor fees charged by PayPal will be automatically deducted. If any platform tips or platform share is paid through PayPal, it will go to your account and will be paid later, via the monthly settlement expense.

Connecting PayPal

If you're already in the beta test group, you can follow these instructions:

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