Connect external accounts
You can connect social media accounts to automatically thank new financial contributors

Connecting a Twitter account

Click on Connect Twitter. You will be prompted to either directly authorize Open Collective to access your account or to log in and authorize it.
Connecting your account will provide you a few automation options based on how many financial contributors Collectives you host have reached:
Options for activating automated tweets whenever a Collective you host reach 10, 100 and 1,000 financial contributors.

Receiving donations through PayPal

This feature is currently in Beta test, read more about it below.

The Beta test

We're currently testing this feature with the help of selected Host collectives.
If you're interested in testing this feature, please reach out through [email protected]. If you're already testing the feature and wish to leave the test, you can also send an email to support.


What are the fees involved?

There are payment processor fees charged by PayPal and if you're subjected to, the platform fees charged by Open Collective.
The payment processor fees will be automatically deducted from the original charge but as of now, the platform fees can not be automatically deducted. For the current beta, this debt will be settled once a month through an invoice we'll send you.

Connecting PayPal

If you're already in the beta test group, you can follow these instructions:
    Create a new PayPal app
      Open PayPal's Developer page and Log In.
      In My Apps & Credentials page, select the Live environment, and click in Create app.
      Name this App after Open Collective, this way you'll always remember where this token is being used.
      Click Create App.
    Then scroll down to "Live App Settings" and make sure "Accept payments" and "Payouts" are checked
    Now, copy the necessary information to Open Collective.
      Open a new tab and go to Open Collective.
      Open your Host collective settings page and click in the Receiving Money option in the menu.
      Copy and paste Client ID, Secret in the respective fields, leave Webhook ID empty.
      Click Connect PayPal.
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