Transaction Report

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The transaction report for Fiscal Hosts that summarizes ledger activity for a given period of time (eg: month, quarter) and “explains” everything that happens in the ledger.

Each line in the report is based on a set of underlying transactions from the selected period. All the transactions in the selected time period are represented in the report and each transactions is only counted once. The report is therefore an accurate summary of all the transactions in the ledger.

View your Reports via your Dashboard → Reports.

The report is divided into two parts:

  • Managed funds represents transactions that occur for the collectives you host (this accounts for funds you hold on behalf of your hosted collectives).

  • Operational funds represents transactions that occur for you as a fiscal host (this accounts for your organizational funds as they are represented on the platform).

At the bottom of each section you will find a summary that shows:The balance at the beginning of the report time frame.

  • The change in balance during the report time frame.

  • The balance at the end of the report time frame.


At the top of the report you will find a button that provides you:

  1. An option to download a CSV file of all the ledger transactions for the selected time period.

  2. An option to download a CSV file of the summary data in the report itself.

Transaction Details

All the numbers in the report are directly linked to the underlying ledger transactions making it possible for admins to better understand the report and validate it against the transactions.

Each line in the report has a context menu from which you can:

  1. View Transactions: Link to the summarized underlying transactions - clicking this will direct you to a filtered list of transactions that were summarized to generate the resulting report value.

  2. Export Transactions: Directly export the underlying transactions and validate the results - clicking this will display a download

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