Refund Policy

  1. Overview

Open Collective is a platform used by individuals (contributors, expense submitters), collectives, and fiscal hosts to transparently manage financial resources. Because Open Collective is an ecosystem of various actors with their own policies and regulations, this refund policy only stands in the case that the contribution recipient does not already have their own refund policy. We empower collectives and fiscal hosts to approve and set their own policies about refunds. It is required that you reach out to the collective or fiscal host that you contributed to directly if you would like to request a refund. We will rarely issue refunds on their behalf. Please only reach out to the team at Open Collective, Inc., if deemed necessary (see “Communication/Initiating Refunds” ).

  1. Type of Product or Service:

Open Collective has the technical ability to process refunds for the following:

  • One-off financial contributions via Stripe and PayPal

  • Recurring financial contributions via Stripe (including SEPA, ACH, BACS bank transfer) and PayPal.

  • Added funds and manual bank transfers (This will only reverse the transaction on Open Collective, the fiscal host will need to ensure the refund is issued manually).

  • Platform tips

  • Event tickets

  • Balance transfers

Refunds via Open Collective are not possible for:

  • Expenses (Invoices/Reimbursements/Grants). Please coordinate with the expense payer or payee regarding the return of any expense.

  1. Common Valid Reasons for Refund Requests:

  • Mistaken or accidental donations

  • Double charges

  • Unmet expectations of agreed-upon products or services

  • Cancelled events

  • Cancelled subscriptions

  • Changes in circumstances or financial difficulties

  • Payment schedule issues

  • Incorrect amount

  1. Timeframe:

If the fiscal host has enabled collectives the ability to process refunds. They will be able to do this for up to 30 days after the transaction date. In order to refund manual bank transfers collective admins will need to contact their fiscal host.

Fiscal hosts do not have a time restraint in which they can process refunds. We encourage fiscal hosts to establish their own refund policy.

Open Collective Support does not have a time restraint in which they can process refunds. We will always default to the fiscal host’s refund policy. We also must abide by third party payment refund policies and technical limitations like credit card expiry dates. Open Collective support can not refund funds contributed through a method not on the Open Collective platform e.g bank accounts

The processing time for the refund will vary depending on approval and action from a number of third parties including payment method (bank transfer, Stripe, etc.) and parties involved (collectives and fiscal hosts). Typically, refunds are processed within 5-7 working days.

  1. Conditions for Refunds:

  • Refunds cannot be processed for archived or deleted collectives or fiscal hosts.

  • We are unable to process partial refunds, this includes contributions that include platform tips.

  • In the event that a refund is being requested from Open Collective without the approval of the recipient, the refund requester must provide proof that they sought permission from the recipient and must provide a valid reason for why they are seeking a refund.

  1. Refund Methods:

If a refund is issued via the Open Collective platform, the money will be returned via the original payment method.

If the funds were sent via a payment method not connected to Open Collective e.g. a bank account, the fiscal host will need to manually reverse the transaction, the Open Collective team is not able to refund these sorts of transactions.

  1. Fees and Costs:

Open Collective does not charge additional fees for refunds; however, the person requesting a refund may incur additional costs from the payment provider.

  1. Communication/Initiating a Refund:

  • Individuals seeking refunds should first contact the collective and/or the fiscal host directly. If necessary Open Collective can help direct them to their contact details.

  • If Open Collective receives a request for a refund, without evidence that you have reached out to the recipient, we will redirect the requester to contact the recipient directly.

  • In special circumstances, such as not being able to contact/consult with the recipient or needing to disputing a decision, individuals can get in contact with Open Collective here.

  • If we deem it acceptable to issue a refund without consulting with the recipient, Open Collective will reach out to the recipient to let them know that a refund has been issued.

  • Please include the following details about your refund request:

    • The amount

    • The date the transaction occurred

    • A link to the contribution

    • Prior communication with the recipient

  1. 3rd Party Considerations:

  • Open Collective exists in collaboration with a number of other parties including payment processors, collectives, and fiscal hosts, that may or may not have their own refund policies. As described in the overview above, collective and fiscal host refund policies take precedence over Open Collective’s refund policy.

  • We recommend reading the relevant policies and documentation of our payment processors as this will influence all parties’ ability to offer a refund. Examples include the following:

  1. Review and Update:

We may periodically review and update our refund policy. To ensure that you have the latest information, be sure to return to this page.

Examples of Fiscal Host refund policies: Open Source Collective

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