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You'll find below guidelines for prioritizing features and projects as well as a template for new projects.

Key questions for prioritization

This is what we ask ourselves to decide what gets done and what doesn't.
  • Does this serve our mission?
  • Will this help to make us financially sustainable within a year?
  • Can this make us move faster?
  • Does this increase quality?
  • Does this add technical debt?
  • Is it feasible to build and maintain with our current team and runway?
  • What insight or research is this project based on?
  • Is this problem already solved elsewhere?
  • How will we measure our success? Do we have a baseline today that we can compare this against?
  • How well do we understand the complexity of the problem, feature to be added or user needs to be addressed?
  • What is the estimated timeframe for delivering this project?

Template for new projects

  • Github issue
    • explains the feature.
    • Link to other opened issues or data.
    • Include details below.
  • Kickoff
    • Organize a special meeting or a scheduled one.
  • Project owner.
    • Role: Facilitator, decision-maker, producer.
    • It's ultimately responsible for (needs to do or organize who does)
      • Delivery
      • Q&A
      • Docs & Comms
      • Post-ship plan for maintenance
  • Success metric(s)
  • Timeframe - kickoff and delivery, main milestones/roadmap