Post-Donation Redirect

How to redirect people to your website after they make a donation

You can create a custom URL to donate a specific amount (and frequency) by appending /donate, /pay or /contribute to your collective url: e.g.
You can also append to that url a redirect parameter. That way, after the user donates money, they will be redirected to your URL and we will pass the transactionid.
When you donate you will be redirected to:
Then you can call our API to get all the details about that transaction:
You can get your API key in your "Applications" page that you can access from your logged in user dropdown menu.
Example of the data being returned:
"result": {
"id": 134368,
"uuid": null,
"type": "CREDIT",
"createdAt": "Wed Nov 07 2018 09:05:06 GMT+0000 (UTC)",
"description": "Monthly donation to Octobox",
"amount": 10000,
"currency": "USD",
"hostCurrency": "USD",
"hostCurrencyFxRate": 1,
"netAmountInCollectiveCurrency": 8680,
"hostFeeInHostCurrency": -500,
"platformFeeInHostCurrency": -500,
"paymentProcessorFeeInHostCurrency": -320,
"paymentMethod": {
"id": 34801,
"service": "stripe",
"name": "4242"
"fromCollective": {
"id": 23657,
"slug": "anonymous1338",
"name": "anonymous",
"image": null
"collective": {
"id": 413,
"slug": "octobox",
"name": "Octobox",
"image": ""
"host": {
"id": 11004,
"slug": "opensourcecollective",
"name": "Open Source Collective 501c6 (Non Profit)",
"image": ""
"order": {
"id": 33193,
"status": "ACTIVE",
"subscription": {
"id": 26426,
"interval": "month"