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Add Funds Manually

You can manually add funds to a Collective directly. This is useful when you receive a contribution for a Collective outside the Open Collective system (like a bank transfer) and want to apply it to a Collective's budget, or to represent money you're already holding on the platform.
Log in and go to your Fiscal Host dashboard. Click on the Hosted Collectives tab.
An overview of your Fiscal Host dashboard. The Hosted Collectives tab is the last one listed.
Use the search bar to find the Collective you want to add funds for.
Using the search bar to find the right Collective.
Click on the Add Funds button.
After finding the right Collective, clicking on the Add Funds button will open the right form.
And fill the form with all required information to add the funds to that Collective with the following information:
Adding funds to a Collective
  • The source of the funds, and the tier to which the donation applies (if any)
  • The amount of funds you want to send to a Collective.
  • Your host fee, which is the fee you charge your Collectives. It's already set to your default, but you can change it to a one-time fee of your preference.
  • A short description of those funds.
  • An internal memo used by other host administrators.
  • The date the funds were accepted.
  • The source of those funds. It can be your Fiscal Host, another Collective, or an Organization.
Once you're done, just click on Add Funds.

Internal Memos

Internal memos are used to indicate, to yourself and other administrators, anything of note regarding this transaction. Typically, this will be some information about the source, the provision of funds, or any stipulations under which the funds were provided. For instance:
  • A purchase order or invoice number
  • A check number or bank transaction identifier
  • A grant application and associated award
The emmo will appear to any administrator under 'view details on the transaction list:
Viewing an added funds contribution with a memo