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Email Notifications

We will always let you know about important changes and updates, but you can customize the type of non-transactional notifications you receive through email from specific roles and entities in the platform.

To manage email notifications for your individual profile as well as the collectives and organizations you are part of, you can open the Notifications Settings page that you can find in your Account Settings:

Notifications regarding your activity

These are the notification settings related to the activities that occur on the platform. These activities may have been triggered directly by you or by someone else in the context of a Collective or Organization that you are a core contributor to.

There are potentially three main groups in this section that will be displayed or not based on the organizations you're part of.

  • Collectives you host: These are the notifications you receive as the admin of a fiscal host. This includes all the notifications relevant to the fiscal-host admin that may have been triggered by the host or any of the collectives you're hosting.

  • Collectives you manage: These are the notification you receive as the admin of a collective. This includes all the notifications relevant to this collective admin, these notifications may have been triggered by you, another collective admin, or a contributor in this specific collective context.

  • Organizations you manage: Same as the previous section, but display only Organizations.

On the Collectives you host group, you'll find all the collectives you're a core contributor to next to the host's main notifications toggle switch. This switch will let you disable all the non-transactional notifications triggered by this host and its hosted collectives.

You can also click on Show advanced settings to expand and tweak the classes of notifications you want to receive. This setting is particularly useful for hosts that segment their responsibilities managing their notifications. Notice that whenever you switch the host main toggle, you're also resetting the class configuration you set.

For the Collectives and Organizations you manage groups, we display only a summary of your current settings and a button to open those group-specific settings:

You can then use the "Show group settings" button to open the same type of settings you have for the Host group settings:

Updates about the platform and Collectives you support

These are the notifications triggered by updates and newsletters sent by our platform and by the collectives you support.

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