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Virtual Cards
How to setup Virtual Cards in local development
This documentation is about development. To setup a production environment, see https://docs.opencollective.com/help/fiscal-hosts/virtual-cards

Setup privacy in development

    Create an account on https://privacy.com
    Go to https://privacy.com/account, scroll down to "Enable API", toggle the switch, click on Sandbox and copy the Sandbox API key (NOT THE PRODUCTION ONE)
3. Connect to the database with your favorite tool (psql, DBeaver, Postico, etc.) and search for the host you want to enable Privacy for. Edit its settings to set features.privacyVcc to true
4. Open the host settings and go to the "Fiscal host settings" > "Sending Money" section
5. Paste your API Key in the "API Key" field and click on "Connect Privacy".
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