Required Admins

You can use this policy to enforce the minimum number of admins that a collective needs in order to be accepted by your host.

In order to do so, simply select the number of admins you want to enforce. To turn it off, select Do not enforce a minimum number of admins.

Note that, after setting a minimum number of admins you won't be able to approve Pending Applications from collectives that do not have enough admins. You'll be able to open an exception for collectives that already invited enough admins, even though these invitations are still pending.

It is also possible to automatically prevent these collectives that have pending admins from receiving contributions with the freeze feature:

In this scenario, if you decide to open an exception to a collective that still doesn't satisfy the minimum number of admins, you'll make sure they only start to raise funds after they have enough signed-up admins.

Expense Approvals

Set rules for expense approval.

Expense Types

Specify the types of expenses allowed for all the collectives you're hosting.

If you wish to customise these options for specific collectives head to the Hosted Collectives section.

Rejected categories

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