Preview Features

Our Preview Features menu lets you test selected upcoming Open Collective features before their full release - and turn them on and off with a single click.

Our Preview Features menu offers you a selection of upcoming features and layout changes - which you can choose and test before they are fully launched.

Activating (and deactivating) preview features

You can choose which features or updates you want to try.

To find and choose features:

  1. Login to the platform using your account

  2. Click on the profile icon on the top-right corner

  3. Find the Preview Features option on the menu

  4. Select the features that appeal to you, and switch them on using the toggle button

The feature preview will be enabled on your account by clicking the button. If you want to change back, toggle the switch off again and your interface will revert to the original state.

The features available in the preview features menu may vary depending on the type of role you hold on the platform. For example, admins may see different options for individual users.

Improving preview features

Every feature in the Preview Features menu is at the stage where we feel happy showing it to users. However, they are all beta releases, so we are keen to hear from you about any improvements you’d like to see.

If you want us to change or fix any part of the feature you are currently previewing, please get in touch via the link in the menu box itself or by contacting us.

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