Design Workflow
General knowledge intended to understand the workflow of OpenCollective Design

Mapping our process

The process to open-up the design collective is based on a specific concept:
Clarity and transparency in the design process.
In order to achieve this common ground, the design collective has created a consensual map of an ideal design process. One that could adapt to different project sizes and complexities, well understood by designers and non-designers alike.

What does it serve a process map for?

    Open-up the design production process
    Produce efficiently
    Maintain brand cohesion
    Make sure each individual is working on projects that come to fruition
    Help adjacent collectives or teams like product management, marketing and engineering know exactly how to work with design

Ideal sprint cycle

The following diagram describes the ideal workflow of a sprint of 10 working days, all the way from planning the sprint to the demo day where the series of design solutions are presented with a public release.

Sprint workflow and key players

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