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A lot of Collectives like to periodically update their Financial Contributors, to let them know what their donations are enabling, express thanks, or notify everyone of a change.

Similarly, hosts often need to contact the administrators of the Collectives they are hosting.

To create an Update, go to your Dashboard, navigate to the Updates section and click on Create Update. Updates will appear in the Connect section of your Collective page and you have the option to also notify via email.

We offer a rich editor to write your fantastic updates to your Contributors! Each update requires a Title and content for the Message. You can also write and publish exclusive updates for your Contributors by selecting the box on Private update.

Uploading Images

Click the above image in the rich text editor. Selecting the desired image will insert it into your update. Image formats are compatible: jpg, png etc.

You can also write and publish Updates through email by sending a message to backers@$COLLECTIVE.opencollective.com (in which $COLLECTIVE is the slug of your Collective, which appears in your Collective URL).

Contacting a Collective

Users can contact you via the contact form of your collective. It is linked in your collective page through the Contact button. The forms stands on /{your-collective}/contact. If you don't want to use this feature, please contact us and we'll disable it for you.

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