Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are an additional benefit offered to collectives through hosts. Hosts create virtual cards and assign them to a Collective. Anyone with access to that card can then use it to make payments on behalf of the Collective. This is particularly useful for covering recurring costs like hosting a website.
Hosts will have particular requirements and policies that will need to be followed.

Requesting a card

Some Hosts accept requests for virtual cards. If you would like to request a Virtual Card select 'request card' from the 'action' menu on your collective's profile page.
Request a virtual card from your host from your collective's profile page

Using a virtual card

Virtual cards can be used to make purchases on behalf of your collective. Each card has an individual who is assigned the card for the purpose of filing expenses. Expenses are automatically created when the card is used and the assignee will be notified.

Exclusions and Limitations

Our payments provider does not accept payments to money transfer services like PayPal, Payoneer or Paysend. Virtual cards should not be used to pay individuals or contractors including through interpediaries like Upwork, 99Designs, Fiver etc. Attempts to pay for services via these providers will be declined.
Some providers — most notably Google — do not accept virtual cards as a payment mechanism. We are monitoring this situation while the service is developing.

Billing Details

In most cases, cards charged using your personal details will be accepted. If you wish you can add the details for your host organisation, which you'll find alongside your Collective's name on your Collective's profile page. Address information for Open Source Collective and Open Collective Foundation can be found at:

Viewing card details

To view virtual cards associated with a collective select 'virtual cards' from the Collective Settings menu:
View Virtual Cards assigned to your Collective from the Collective's Seting menu.
To view the details of a card click 'view card details'.

Automatically Paused Cards

Hosts can choose to pause virtual cards if there are any incomplete expenses. This is a protective measure to prevent abuse. If your host has paused a card you will not be able to use the card to make purchases until a receipt has been attached to the previous expense by the assignee.
Be aware of your surroundings when viewing a card's details as others may be able to see them.

Companies that don't accept Virtual Cards

There are a few websites that don't accept virtual credit cards. Here are a few that we are aware of:
  • Google
  • Zipcar
  • DigitalOcean
  • Sendle