We send a newsletter once a month to our wider community of users and supporters. This is done via Mailchimp.

Newsletter Process

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Content can come from a range of sources.


  • Announcing new features or improvements

  • Tweets about Open Collective or a specific Collective

  • Blog posts by Open Collective

  • Blog posts and articles by other people

  • Media like podcasts or videos of talks

  • Exciting partnerships with sponsors

  • Tips and ideas for Collective fundraising

  • New noteworthy Collectives that joined

The general style is brief and straightforward, with opportunities to click through for more info.

Monthly stats / Leaderboard

The monthly leaderboard is a popular section of the newsletter, showing top backers & sponsors, top Collectives by new backers, and top new Collectives by donations. To get this data, use the following command and then put the data in the team Google Drive.

# Make sure to adapt the OC_GOOGLE_DRIVE env variable properly if needed.
# It must be set with the path were the data should be exported.
# Default: `${process.env.HOME}/Google\ Drive/Open\ Collective`
$ NODE_ENV="production" PG_URL="postgres://[email protected]:5432/DB_NAME" npm run export:csv

Import Recipients

Users who create new platform accounts and opt-in to the newsletter need to be added manually. A developer with database access needs to export the data using the query below. Then use Mailchimp's Import contacts function to add them to the main mailing list.

-- Export email for newsletter
SELECT u."createdAt", as full_name, "email"
FROM "Users" u
inner join "Collectives" c on u."CollectiveId" =
WHERE "newsletterOptIn" IS TRUE
AND u."deletedAt" IS NULL
AND u."createdAt" >= current_date - INTERVAL '2 months' -- Optional: to get only last 2 month's emails