Twitter Integration

Connect your Twitter to automatically thank new backers who contribute to your Collective.

Go to "edit Collective" > "Connected Accounts" and click the "Connect Twitter" button.

Chat Integrations

You can set up Open Collective notifications in your Slack or Gitter channel. First set up a webhook, described below, and then send it to us and we'll add the hook to our platform.

Slack Webhook

  • In Slack, select menu Apps & Integrations

  • Click Build Your Own > Make a Custom Integration > Incoming WebHooks

  • Choose a channel, or create a new channel, where the notifications will be sent

  • Click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration

Gitter Webhook

  • Go to your room's integrations and click Open Collective

  • Copy the provided Webhook URL and click Done

For Admins

The webhook can be added in the database Notifications table:

INSERT INTO "Notifications" (
VALUES ((SELECT id from "Groups" where slug = '<group slug>'),
'<channel: either slack or gitter',
'<type: see note below>',
'<webhook URL>');

type (would actually be more properly named activity) can be:

  • either 'all' (*) to send notifications for all activities (group transaction created, payment received from Stripe, etc)

  • or some constant from here to only send notifications for a specific activity

Some activities are not linked to any group and will therefore be ignored.