Core Contributors are the people closely associated with your Collective, who will show up on your Collective page as part of the team.

Accountants can access all the financial information such as receipts, financial reports or expense's invoices but can't do any admin nor trigger payments.

Collective Admins are Core Contributors with extra permissions, like editing the Collective settings and approving expenses. Admins get notifications of activity on your Collective.

Editing team members

  1. Go to your Collective page and click the gear next to your Collective logo.

2. Head to the Team tab. Here you can add, remove, or change people and roles.

Only Admins can edit the Collective and approve expenses. Be sure to select the right role option.

3. Once you are done, click on Save at the bottom of the page.

4. Users will receive an invite to join the Collective. They will not be displayed publicly until this invitation is accepted.

Re-send email invitations

If someone indicates that they didn't receive an invitation email, the first thing to do is for them to search for the keywords "Invitation to join" in the target inbox, including in the spam folder. If they still can't find them, the easiest way to re-trigger the emails is:

  1. Go to the settings page of the Collective > Core contributors section

  2. Remove the concerned users

  3. Click on Save

  4. ​Click on "Add core contributor" and add them again (you should be able to search by pasting user emails in the search box)