Welcome Document

Below you’ll find information to help you get started. Please read carefully & feel free to let us know if something isn’t clear enough or missing.

Welcome Document


The goal is to provide an easy Welcome Document with all the relevant information new Open Collective Team Members need to get started. Please click through the links below to ensure you have covered all the relevant areas.

Project Templates

All projects must have an owner, metrics, and a timeframe and must follow these guidelines:

  • Create a Github issue using the Project template

  • Bring it up in team meeting and/or host a kickoff workshop

  • Link related issues or create Github project

Project owner role

  • Facilitator

  • tie breaker & decision-maker

  • Producer

  • makes sure no one’s blocked

  • Responsible for delivery

  • QA

  • Documentation and comms plan

  • Pass the role on if they can’t continue

  • Post-ship plan for maintenance


Expense Flow: https://github.com/opencollective/opencollective/issues/2394

Owner: Alanna (and Pia)

Timeframe & Milestones:

  • (see github issue)

  • Finish specs

  • Wireframes

  • Feedback

  • Separate API and frontend dev

  • Ideally implementation starts end of Oct


  • More expenses filed

  • Less support requests

  • Less host admin time spent

  • Way fewer issues with invoices (fewer expense comments)

  • Use of the new features (ex batch expenses)

Design Collective

Coming Soon

Engineering Collective

François ([email protected]) is the director of the Engineering team.

Please make sure you read the Development Section and Developer Guidelines of our docs.

These are the development contribution guides.

Best Practices of the engineering collective.

Compensation Formula.

Changelog for our updated release notes.

You can find RFCs folder here.

Onboarding checklist

A current team member should set the new person up with the following as needed:

  • Signed contract

  • Invite to Slack and appropriate channels

  • Github.org

  • Team meeting calendar invitations

  • 1Password

  • Freshdesk

  • Ghost blog author profile

  • Set up Open Collective user profile

  • Open Collective email account

  • Access to Google Drive

  • Figma access