Financial Contributions (How to Donate)

Helpful guides for Donors and Financial Contributors

Open Collective Europe allows donors to support amazing Collectives without them having to go through the laborious process of setting up a legal entity and bank account to receive funds.

While Open Collective Europe provides plenty of benefits for our sponsored Collectives, there are also benefits for financial contributors. Since our hosted Collectives use the Open Collective platform, their finances are transparent, and you can feel confident that the funds will be put to good use.

If you value what a project produces or stands for, support them to maintain and grow it! You can also be recognized by appearing on their page as a financial contributor.

Donors can contribute via the following methods:

  • Credit Card, Paypal, and Electronic Bank Transfer

No matter which method you choose, make sure to whenever possible, indicate the Collective that you would like to support. If your chosen contribution method does not provide you with any opportunity to do so (e.g., there is no memo line, accompanying letter, or online form) please reach out to us to let us know the details of the transaction so we know to expect it and properly credit it when the funds arrive.

You have different options to send money to an initiative:

The single most important thing to do when asking donors to contribute is ensuring they are including your initiative's name and the order number in the transaction.

Please check here for the details on wire transfers.

What does a donor need in order to donate quickly and easily via your website?

That’s it! Ready to donate.🎉

Other ways to fundraise

In addition to receiving funds via the above donation methods, hosted Collectives can:

Thank you!

On behalf of our Collectives, thank you for your support! We highly value all of our contributors. If there is anything you need as a donor, please reach out.

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