Expenses & Getting Paid FAQs


How does paying people work?

Money contributed to an initiative goes to the bank account of the Fiscal Host. When someone wants to be paid, they submit an expense through your collective's page. After you approve it, the person can be reimbursed via PayPal, or bank transfer (We use Wise to process bank transfers).
Expenses are visible publicly, so everyone can see how much money was spent and on what (though private details like emails, names, and addresses are only visible to that user and the Collective admins).

Do you offer payroll services?

In specific circonstances (i.e. your collective received a subsidy or a grant that can be disbursed on staff costs), we allow you to enroll for employee contracts. However we do not offer direct payroll services. We use a third party to hire employees for your initiative. All the costs linked to employment are to be paid by your collective.
Any compensated individuals (volunteer) will need to fill an invoice and submit it to the collective. This template is available on the right column of each collective after pressing "Submit Expense".

How do I get paid/reimbursed/receive my grant* money?

Go to the initiative's page and click "Submit Expense". You will need to create an account (if you don't already have one), and then upload a valid receipt or invoice (you can create a downloadable invoice on our site).
When to use each option:
  • Reimbursement: Requires a receipt. The receipt must clearly show the name, address and company number of the vendor. A confirmation of order is not a valid receipt. When submitting a reimbursement, you request the collective to repay your purchase.
  • Invoice: Taxable income. Requires an invoice. Payments made for services rendered e.g. workshop facilitator, website design, public speaker.

Are receipts or invoices public?

Basic data for all expenses, like the amount and description, are public. But attachments like invoices are private, as they may contain personal information. Only the administrators of the initiative and the Fiscal Host can see invoice and receipt details.