Fiscal hosting with OC Europe

Once you apply to join Open Collective Europe and receive an approval email from us, you can immediately start managing your Collective on Open Collective. 🎉 Welcome!

Top 5 things to remember

  1. Contact us if you need to sign any contracts or agreements, or have any questions about services or policies.

  2. Check Official Info and Docs for all of the necessary paperwork that comes up in grant applications.

  3. Always upload receipts for your virtual card purchases within 30 days, or the card will be deactivated.

  4. Use the Updates feature to post general, mid-year, and annual updates or action alerts to your donor community. We require at least one update per year.

  5. FAQs about how to submit expenses (i.e. get paid or spend money) are here.

Open Collective

  • Open Collective Inc. is the platform that OC Europe operates on.

    • Open Collective has its own homepage, budget, and documentation. The docs you're currently reading are pared down to relay information specific to OCE.

  • OC Europe (Open Collective Europe) is a charitable fiscal host who uses the Open Collective platform

For an overview of using the Open Collective platform, check out its documentation. It has a ton of great information about features like the transparent budget, customizing a Collective profile, tiers, goals, and other tools at your disposal.

Their Quick Start Guide is another great place to start.

Budget management of your collective

Both receiving funds and submitting expenses are simple procedures. You will find the details on both of them on the respective pages of these docs. Feel free to share them with the contributors and the members of your collective.

Being fiscally hosted by OCE means accepting to be a part of a community of hundreds of initiatives who share the same instruments to manage their own independent projects. It requires a minimum of attention, but still some attention, to function properly.

Because of that, please familiarise yourself with the guidelines on donations and expenses and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or doubts on

You’re responsible for understanding and fulfilling all of your tax obligations. If you’re not sure whether you need to charge or pay tax, we encourage you to consult a tax professional to better understand your tax obligations. OCE can’t give you tax advice.

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