Building Trust with Donors


The Global Statelessness Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of stateless individuals and communities around the world. We are committed to using donor contributions responsibly and achieving tangible results. This document outlines our key policies and practices designed to build trust and transparency with our valued supporters.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Populations

Open Collective Europe Foundation (OCE), the fiscal host of the Global Statelessness Fund, has a robust Safeguarding Policy. This policy prioritizes the safety and well-being of all individuals involved in our activities, including stateless communities we support. We have clear procedures for reporting any concerns about potential abuse, exploitation, or neglect.

Trust & Transparency with a Long-Term Vision

  • Grant Eligibility and Risk Assessment Policy: Our policy ensures grants are awarded to organizations that operate legally, ethically, and transparently. We assess potential compliance risks associated with terrorism/extremism financing.

  • Building Trust Through Transparency and Long-Term Empowerment: Open Collective is transparent by default, meaning that anyone can see on the platform:

    • Who is contributing?

    • Who is spending?

    • How much and on what?

In the initial stages of the Fund and only on requests of the donors, we will provide comprehensive reports detailing grant allocations and the impact of funded projects. This transparency is crucial for building trust with our donors and demonstrating responsible use of their contributions. However and over the long term, we envision a system where funded organizations as well as OCE do not have to report their impact to donors through complex quantitative and qualitative reports but only through meetings and calls. We want to give the power to those closest to the problem, as we firmly believe that they are the best equipped persons to find solutions and allocate resources where it matters. This shift towards a collaborative funding ecosystem will empower these organizations and reduce administrative burdens for both the Fund and donors.

  • Financial Statements: We will continue to publish annual financial statements to ensure overall financial transparency of the Fund.

Promoting Responsible Use of Funds

  • Independent Audit: We are committed to ensuring financial transparency. We are considering implementing an annual independent audit of the Fund's finances.

  • Limited Veto Power with Justification: OCE reserves the right to propose a veto of a grant proposal if a high compliance risk is identified based on our risk assessment policy. We will always provide a clear and documented justification outlining specific concerns. Organizations can appeal this decision through a defined process.

  • Focus on Impact Measurement: We are developing a framework to measure the impact of funded projects. This will demonstrate how your contributions are creating positive change for stateless populations.

Engaging Expertise

The Global Statelessness Fund is guided by a diverse team of experts, including:

  • OCE Team: Experienced professionals with a strong track record in financial management and grant administration.

  • Consultants: Experts in the field of statelessness providing strategic guidance.

  • Activists: Representing the voices and experiences of stateless communities.

We believe this combination of expertise ensures responsible decision-making and effective use of donor funds.

Building Trust: An Ongoing Commitment

We recognize that building trust is an ongoing process. We are dedicated to consistently demonstrating:

  • Transparency: Providing clear information about how your donations are initially used.

  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.

  • Impact: Focusing on creating positive change for stateless individuals and communities.

We invite you to explore our website for further details about our policies, the statelessness crisis, and our vision for a more just world. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who have been denied a place to call home.

Thank you for your support!

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