Wire Transfer Instructions via Open Collective Platform

Please note that all funds have this option available.‌

  1. Register an account (Registration Guide: Here)

  2. If you select the ‘Bank Transfer’ option, follow the steps below:

  3. Once the donation process is complete on our site, you should see a screen that looks like this:

4. Follow the instructions in your email from your fiscal host to complete the transfer.

💡Be sure to include the name of the collective you are donating to‌

5. The collective’s admin will have set up the option for how to donate by bank transfer‌

6. Once the money has arrived in the collective’s account, the collective’s admin will mark it as ‘Paid’ and the funds will show as part of the collective’s balance.‌

  1. Please bear in mind that for a bank transfer it usually takes 3-4 working days to appear on the collective's budget, but sometimes the delay can be longer.

*If you run into any issues along the process, please note the reference number from your instruction email, contact support@opencollective.com

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