Contributions in cryptocurrencies

With the support of our partners Myriad USA and, OCE can accept cryptocurrency donations for charitable initiatives we host, in some instances.


  • initiatives must have reached a minimum of 2 000,00 EUR on their balance

  • initiatives cannot sell goods or services

  • initiatives must have a minimum of two admins and sign a specific Service Agreement with OCE

  • initiatives will receive only fiat currency converted from

  • the fee collected by OCE is 10% of the net exchange amount

Please note that while we are eager to expand our donation options, there are some important considerations:

  • Prior Approval: To ensure transparency and compliance, we will evaluate each request individually and provide detailed information about eligible cases upon request.

  • Initiatives' balance: We cannot process the payouts in crypto. If approved, your initiative will be able to receive donations only in fiat currency from contributions made in crypto.

  • Variable Costs: Processing cryptocurrency donations varies from case to case. We'll provide transparent information about any applicable fees or charges related to your donation.

If you would like to receive crypto donations from your contributors, please get in touch with us at to see if your collective is eligible.

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