Invoices or reimbursements?

How submitting & paying out expenses works:
An expense request can be presented under two forms:
  1. 1.
    an Invoice for work completed for the Collective;
    • Invoices are used to pay people for work completed or their goods/services.
    • Within the invoice option, you have to upload your own invoice.
    • Invoices can be issued by registered independent contractors or companies. Invoices always have to contain the following information:
      • The invoice unique number.
      • Full identification (name, address, tax/company number).
      • Detailed description of the nature of the service.
      • Tax rate (if tax rate is 0%, please explain why on the invoice).
      • The invoice must be billed to the Collective (including one of the Admins and their legal address). There can be no mention of Open Collective Europe on the invoice.
      • Here are Stripe's best practice tips.
  2. 2.
    a Reimbursement for purchases made on behalf of the Collective.
    • Reimbursements are used to pay people back when they have made purchases for the group.
    • Receipts are required so that we can ensure the requested amount matches the purchased amount in order to approve the reimbursement.
    • For a receipt to be approved by our team it must include:
      • an amount equal to the amount requested
      • the identification of the vendor (name, address, tax number...)
      • the nature of the expense
      • tax information (VAT rate)
    Order confirmation, card slips and bank statements alone are not valid receipts.
    • In case you are requesting a partial reimbursement of a receipt, please highlight directly on the receipt the requested amount (eg. specific lines describing the product/service).