Tax deductible donations

What is the Open Collective Europe Fund?

The purpose of the Fund is to support sustainable citizen initiatives in their early stages in order to help them become self-sustainable. In order to be eligible for this Fund, these initiatives must be member of OC Europe and cannot have their own NPO.

The targeted initiatives are sustainable initiatives that aim to contribute to social and solidarity issues, mobility, education, environment, art, and culture. Collectives must first be approved by the Management Committee of the Fund before they can claim tax deductible receipt for their donors.

In particular, each collective under OC Europe may, after approval by the Fund's Management Committee, invite its donors to support their projects and initiatives of general interest through the Fund. In exchange, selected collectives will be able to send a tax deductibility receipt to their donors.

In general, the Fund aims to create a new generation of transparent, connected associations, free of administrative or accounting barriers.

How it works

  1. You must first apply to create a collective on OC Europe

  2. You must then apply to the Fund.

  3. Once we receive this form, we will discuss it within our Management Committee and together with the King Baudouin Foundation

  4. If approved, you will be provided with more technical information in order to receive these donations in your collective.

We are an ASBL/vzw, meaning that we are eligible to receive subsidies, grants, donations, and sponsorships.

Who is eligible to apply?

All collectives hosted by OC Europe are eligible to apply for this Fund. In addition to our values, the Committee will also make sure that the collective is:

  • non-commercial

  • secular

  • apolitical

Whether the application is approved or not, we always provide collectives with a feedback on their answers.

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