Virtual cards

Virtual Cards can be issued to OC Europe's hosted initiatives for paying online for things like: recurring payments, utility bills, online resources/tools, subscriptions, vendors (e.g. wholesale distributors), etc.

How it works

  • Funds are spent only as transactions occur. (Setting up a card does not remove any money from your initiative's budget.)
  • Submit a virtual card request with the intended use of the card (please specify the names of the services you will use) and the amount budgeted for that monthly (e.g. €500/monthly). The virtual card with that limit will be set up for your collective.
  • If your collective needs a higher limit on your virtual card please request a limit increase by contacting us at [email protected] with the intended use and the amount increase needed.
    • To receive an increase, initiative must have a budget on their Open Collective account that exceeds the corresponding amount, and must demonstrate that a higher limit is necessary.
  • Cards must be used in compliance with our policy below.


  • Initiatives must have a minimum of 2 admin members
  • Initiatives must have a minimum of 500 euros budget
  • These are virtual cards. No physical card will be issued, so these cannot be used in-store.
  • All transactions should comply with normal usage of initiative funds as outlined in our Terms and Conditions.
  • Virtual cards may not be used for paying/reimbursing people-that should be done on the OC platform.
  • €500/monthly maximum spending

If you need to input Cardholder contact details/address:

  • Name: Open Collective Europe
  • Address:
    • Cantersteen 10, 1000 Brussels, BELGIUM


    Setup the card:

    1. 1.
      Initiative admins request the card from OC Europe
      1. 1.
        Visit your initiative's page
      2. 2.
        Click Actions -> Request a Card
    2. 2.
      OC Europe will assign the card (please allow time for processing)
    3. 3.
      Once assigned, the card assignee will be notified via email and the card's details will appear in the initiative's Settings for you to use (in accordance with this policy)

    ​After a purchase is made:

    1. 1.
      The funds will be withdrawn from your initiative
    2. 2.
      An "Invitation to submit an expense" will be sent to your initiative admins
      1. 1.
        Admins will be asked to submit your receipt. (If the receipt is not submitted within 30 days, the card access will be paused until you do submit the receipt).