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The partnership and the tax compliance

Open Collective Europe is registered in Belgium as a non profit association (asbl).
Being fiscally hosted by OCE provides your collective with the perks and the obligations defined by the Belgian laws and tax regulations.
These are defined in our Terms of Cooperation.
Since hosted collectives cannot legally act in the name of Open Collective Europe, collectives cannot use OCE's tax number to issue invoices. If your collective needs that, you should request your own VAT number in your country of activity.
Each country has its own rules and forms on how to do that and you should get the relevant information from your country's Ministry of Finances.
Whenever a third-party needs to invoice a collective hosted on Open Collective Europe, the third-party must invoice directly the collective through the usual expense procedure - on the name of the collective/admins, with their own address. It also means that the third-party should add the VAT like the third-party would normally do when invoicing an individual customer.
Likewise, collectives cannot get VAT back on the products and services they buy.
Remember, donations are VAT exempt.
In case of doubts or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us in advance on [email protected] (or Slack/direct mail).