Core Contributors Guidelines

Work in the open. It saves a lot of time. There should be little to no distinction between an internal and external contributor.

Seek advice but make your call. Make sure you ping anyone internally or externally that could add valuable feedback to what you are working on.

Be mindful of everyone else’s time: don’t block others. Think about how someone can take over from you, don’t become a bottleneck.

Apply rough consensus. You don’t need everyone to sign off on something.

Go ahead, results speak louder than words.

Deliver. Schedules are flexible but…

...Show up for (online) meetups, let the team know if you can’t make it. Trust by default, don’t break the trust. Don’t lie.

Support and encourage contributions. When someone contributes, it means they care.

Take care of yourself, it’s a marathon - not a sprint. Take care of each other. We are all doing our best.

Expect review requests to be replied in 24h hours (excluding weekends), after this period you can merge.

Ensure you have proper RFCs for important changes

You’re responsible for deploying what you develop

It’s everyone’s responsibility to make sure we are all as autonomous as possible.