Buttons & Banners

Website Widgets

For Collectives

<script src="https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/:verb/button.js" color="[white|blue]"></script>

Just replace :collectiveSlug with the slug of your Collective (e.g. webpack for https://opencollective.com/webpack). The verb can either be "donate" or "contribute".

If you want to add a donate button to a blog post, you can load an image version of the logo and then link to the donate page of your collective.

<a href="https://opencollective.com/webpack/donate" target="_blank">
<img src="https://opencollective.com/webpack/donate/button@2x.png?color=blue" width=300 />


On Medium, download the image then upload it to your post. To link it, select the image and press CMD+K (or CTRL+K on Windows). A pop up menu will show up where you can enter the URL to link the image to (see Medium support page). Here is an example.

Show backers and sponsors

Just add this script:

<script src="https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/banner.js"></script>

where :collectiveSlug is the slug of your collective, e.g. apex for https://opencollective.com/apex.

You can also add a style object (react style), e.g.

<script src='https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/banner.js?style={"a":{"color":"red"},"h2":{"fontFamily":"Verdana","fontWeight":"normal","fontSize":"20px"}}'></script>

Note: make sure that your style object is parsable with JSON.stringify.


How to customize?

By default, it uses the default styling of your h1 and h2 on your page. You can target them with CSS to customize:

#opencollective-banner h1 {
color: black;

Show next events

<script src="https://opencollective.com/:collectiveSlug/events.js" width="500"></script>


For backers and sponsors

To show the list of Collectives that you are backing on your website, just add this script:

<script src="https://opencollective.com/:username/collectives.js?role=backer"></script>

You can replace backer by admin (core contributor), member (contributor) or host. Leave it empty or remove it to show all the collectives that you are a member of, irrespective of the role.